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Multiple Lines of Debt: The Age-Old Debate of Where to Start First, the High or the Low Debt?

Multiple Lines of Debt: The Age-Old Debate of Where to Start First, the High or the Low Debt?

Is it better to pay off one debt at a time or start with the highest and go down? For anyone with multiple lines of debt, this is an age-old battle. There are solid arguments on both sides, but the reality of which is better may have little to do with the size of the debt at all.

The Small Debt First

Some argue that it is better to pay off the smallest debt line first. The argument is actually pretty straightforward. Once that debt is paid off, it is kept empty. Then, the amount added to that line is snowballed into the next one. When the small debt is paid off, it doesn’t add extra money to the pocket. It goes into the next smallest debt and so on. This snowball effect is good for morale because it means things are being accomplished, albeit slower and with smaller debt.

The Big Debt First

The fallacy of the above argument is interesting. Some argue that this approach is too slow and misses a big problem with debt repayment- interest rates. Interest rates are objectively higher in higher debt because there is more to charge interest on.

Both the small debt and the high debt have interest rates. If the rates are the same for both, the small debt is less punishing for interest. If the interest percentage is 10%, obviously the small debt would be less concerning. Because of this, the argument is that the high debt needs to be brought down more. It is recommended here that all debt should be brought lower and perhaps to an even level where the interest rate is not as staggering. Why pay off the small debt first when it has the lowest interest charge each month?

The argument stems from interest rates. To make the best strategy, find the card with the highest rate matched with its total. Balance the two aspects together for the best strategy. This repaying debt strategy is the most logical, especially if it provides a clear winner (high interest, high total). Go and see here for information on debt repayment and the best practices.

Why More Investors Trust Shailesh Dash When Building A Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Why More Investors Trust Shailesh Dash When Building A Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Investors are always looking for ways to diversify their portfolio, so they gain greater security by mitigating risk and increasing the potential of profits over the long run. While there are a variety of ways that investors achieve this, one of the most popular is to make investments into a range of real estate, as it offers proven returns and the risk of loss is often mitigated when compared to traditional investment options. Here are the most important qualities to seek out when selecting an adviser to offer support with real estate purchases and liquidations.

Investment Identification

The trickiest part of making a real estate investment is identifying opportunities as they become available. An adviser should have their finger on the pulse of the market and present an investor with a wide array of options that will help increase returns and reduce overall risk. In the real estate market, time is of the essence, and an adviser that isn’t dedicated to remaining on top of possible investments will not serve their clients in the best possible manner.

Due Diligence Support

Closing a real estate transaction may take weeks or even months, as most will include a lengthy due diligence period which offers protection to the new buyer. Be sure to locate an adviser that provides support through this process, as it is usually time-consuming and requires the submission of a variety of documents. Most firms do not charge a fee for due diligence support and offer it as part of their commission fee service charges.

Financial Accounting Services

There are a variety of tax benefits to owning real estate, but most investors miss out on them because they do not accurately track their financial records. An investment company that offers business accounting services will ensure that the files of an investor are up to date at all times and help them get the most significant tax breaks possible, which further increases the returns an individual will obtain.

Now is a great time to diversify a portfolio by investing in quality real estate opportunities. More investors are trusting shailesh dash with their investment inquiries, as his more than 20 years of experience allow him to provide accurate and reliable investment advice. Contact his office today to learn more and take the first step in maximizing returns.

How a Professional Like Shailesh Dash Can Help Real Estate Investors

How a Professional Like Shailesh Dash Can Help Real Estate Investors

The key to building wealth is finding the right investments. While finding the right investments may seem like a relatively simple process, it is anything but. A person will need to work on narrowing down the list of available investments with the help of a professional like shailesh dash.

For years, investors have made a lot of money buying and selling real estate. Getting into the world of real estate investing will require a great deal of money and the right amount of professional help. Here are some of the benefits real estate investors can take advantage of when working with a company like Al Masah Capital Limited.

Identifying Potential Investment Opportunities

If a person is new to the world of real estate investing, they will need a great deal of help when it comes to picking the right properties to purchase. Without this type of guidance, a person may find themselves in over their head financially. When working with professionals who are familiar with real estate investing, a person will have no problem getting the best investments for their portfolio.

Before using a particular investment adviser, a person will need to do their homework. Finding out more about a company’s history has will allow a person to decide if they are the right fit for their needs.

Getting Help With Bookkeeping

Using an experienced financial adviser will also allow a real estate investor to get help with things like record and bookkeeping. There are a number of tax breaks available to people who own real estate. Without adequate bookkeeping, it will be hard for a real estate investor to take advantage of these tax breaks.

Going in for a few consultations with investment advisers in an area is a great idea. With the information from these consultations, a person will have no problem choosing the right advisers to help them out.

The money paid to a real estate investment adviser will be worth it considering the costly mistakes they can help a new investor avoid. At Al Masah Capital Limited, a new real estate investor can get the guidance they need. Visit their website for more information about this company.

Viable Alternatives when a Person needs Money in a Hurry

Viable Alternatives when a Person needs Money in a Hurry

Short-term loans are what many people turn to when they need money fast without a great deal of hassle. However, there are some things to remember about short-term loans that will ensure that a borrower doesn’t try to borrow too much money. In many cases, short-term lenders will help their customers stay within their budget, but it’s still important to understand the terms and limits of a short-term loan.

Short Loan Repayment Plans

Short-term lenders typically charge higher rates of interest because of the short-term nature of the loan. This can create a significant problem if the loan were to stretch out multiple years, as a traditional bank provided loan will often do. While short-term lenders may be able to do that, it isn’t in their client’s best interests. For this reason, many short-term lenders will restrict the length of the loan to anywhere from two months to as much as six months, but no longer. This helps to avoid excessive interest fees as well as other fees that may be assessed on a short-term loan.

Capping the Amount of Money Borrowed

The other thing to remember is not to borrow too much money. Because of the high rate of interest, excessive loans can quickly become unaffordable. Not only should the borrower display a certain level of responsibility, many short-term lenders will only loan up to a certain amount. This can help people avoid borrowing too much money and experiencing extreme difficulty in repaying those funds during an installment plan repayment program.


One significant benefit of short-term loans is that all a person may have to do is go on to a website and input some basic information in order to apply for or to become approved for a short-term loan. Approval normally takes a few minutes, and then it usually will be a matter of a few hours until the money is transferred directly into the borrower’s bank account.

If you need money fast, and perhaps your credit isn’t the greatest, or traditional lending won’t give you the turnaround you need to pay a bill, fix your vehicle or travel to visit a sick or dying relative you may want to think about a short-term loan. Whatever the case may be, a website like may be exactly the method by which you can get the money you need conveniently and quickly.