Help Guests Recognize Their Drinks

Help Guests Recognize Their Drinks

A common problem at birthday parties, open houses, barbecues, and block parties is keeping track of which cup, can, or bottle belongs to which guest. People set their drinks down and forget where they put them, or cannot tell whose is whose. That can be awkward, confusing, and wasteful. Rather than risk taking the drink of another guest, people will get a new drink. The result is half full cans or bottles of juice, soda, water, or beer left everywhere. It not only makes a mess, it depletes the supply of drinks for the afternoon. That can get expensive for the host, not to mention extend cleanup time.

One way to avoid that situation is to find simple and practical ways to help guests recognize their drinks at any party or event. When using plastic cups, a marker can be used to place the name of each guest on each cup. That is not easy to do when using cans or bottles. Ordering different colored Stubby holders will work well in that case. Guests only have to remember the color of their assigned holder to find their drinks.

The insulated holders are inexpensive, available in a multitude of colors, and can be printed with the family name of the host. Guests can use the holders for the duration of the party and be encouraged to leave them at the location. Hosts can then use the colorful holders for the next social event. Holders also contain condensation so there are no water rings left on the dining room table, the counter, or deck, or the patio.

Different colors or patterns of ribbon or thread can be tied to cans or bottles for distinction. That is not as reliable because the ribbon can come loose. The guest can also forget to take the ribbon off one can and place it on another one when getting a new drink. It can also be time consuming because the host has to stop and add a ribbon to a can as each guest arrives and selects a drink. Handing each person an insulated holder as they arrive is easier.

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