Reviewing Laws With A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Reviewing Laws With A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

In New Jersey, families with senior loved ones must assess the treatment and care their senior patient receives in a nursing home. Too often, seniors become victims of violent crimes due to unethical staff members and administrators. A local attorney could provide the legal avenue families need to hold nursing homes accountable for the crimes.

Discovering Abuse in a Nursing Home

Family members that suspect nursing home abuse should examine their senior loved ones for obvious signs of abuse and neglect. Bedsores are a common indicator that the patient has been abused. Senior patients that aren’t bedridden due to a physical condition shouldn’t have bedsores. Additionally, unexplainable bruises around the wrists, ankles, or torso could indicate that the staff has used restraints on the patient.

Removing the Patient from the Facility

At the first sign of abuse, the family should remove the patient from the facility for a complete examination. It is urgent for the family to acquire documentation through medical records to support their claim against the facility and caregivers. Most facilities allow the family to pick up their senior loved one at any time as long as they are signed out of the facility.

Reporting Criminal Offenses

Any criminal offenses such as abuse, neglect, or sexual assault should be reported to law enforcement. If the senior can identify the individual, the family can press criminal charges against them. The county will arrest the staff member and charge them formally with the offense.

Filing a Claim Against the Nursing Home

The family can file a legal claim against the nursing facility to receive compensation for any financial losses. Additionally, the claim will include requirements for pain and suffering as well as mental anguish. The civil claim is filed to punish the facility for their failures to keep the senior patient safe.

In New Jersey, all nursing home administrators are required to prevent abuse or neglect of their patients. A failure to provide a high standard of care could lead to a civil claim to hold the administrator accountable for the patient’s injuries. Families that need further assistance can contact a nursing home abuse attorney today.

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