Intervene K-12 Receives $150,000 Grant From National Nonprofit Accelerate To Make High-Impact Tutoring Sustainable And Cost-Effective

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Intervene K-12, a Houston-based online tutoring platform, announced today it will receive a $150,000 Innovation grant from Accelerate, a national nonprofit working to make high-impact tutoring a standard feature of the American school day. The grant will advance research on the impact of Intervene K-12’s signature tutoring method that pairs high-impact tutoring with mentorship to encourage academic success and career exploration. The grant will also support Intervene K-12’s unique curriculum integration and staffing model to hire tutors from various business sectors to expose scholars to diverse professionals. 

“Our unique combination of tutoring and career exploration has been implemented in dynamic, urban districts with measurable and replicable results,” said Aaron McCloud, founder and CEO of Intervene K-12. “With this grant we will be able to hire even more tutors from diverse personal and professional backgrounds to allow scholars to connect with tutors who look like them and work in highly desirable fields.” 

Intervene K-12 uses evidence-based lessons that are designed especially for Intervene K-12 scholars to meet them where they are. These lessons are leveraged using high-impact, online tutoring within the school day, during which small groups of three to five students facing similar challenges are paired with a tutor. 

Using a proprietary data-driven intervention solution, Intervene K-12 is able to provide tutors and teachers with real-time analysis of progress, making it easy to identify and address issues quickly. In reading, Intervene K-12 sees an average of 26% growth over the state baseline. This means the average Intervene K-12 student not only grows to meet the state required minimum, but exceeds it. Data shows similar growth among students in math. For ELL students, Intervene K-12 sees an average growth of one proficiency level in the four domains of language acquisition, reading, writing, speaking and listening, after engagement of Intervene K-12. The grant will also help to advance research on Intervene K-12’s impact on scholar success.

“The evidence behind tutoring as an intervention is strong and the field is making tremendous progress, but we still need more providers with a proven track record that can also scale,” said Accelerate CEO Kevin Huffman. “Before the federal pandemic relief dollars dry up, we have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to identify these providers and ensure they are able to deliver cost-effective programs and present evidence that they get results for kids.”

Intervene K-12 was selected for a Call to Effective Action grant because of its commitment to developing and scaling a research-backed tutoring model that improves outcomes for all students, especially those in historically underserved communities.

About Intervene K-12: Founded in 2016, Intervene K-12 exists to eliminate the barriers that stand in the way of our nation’s students — especially those the system has left behind. Each year, the company works with 20+ districts and 30,000+ young scholars to provide high-impact, culturally-responsive tutoring for K-12 and English learners. Intervene K-12’s proprietary, data-driven intervention solutions are designed to identify and address the issues that keep individual students from excelling. Through a team of qualified tutors from education, corporate and business settings, the company works to empower academic progress, expose students to high-growth career opportunities and nurture social-emotional learning. The result is a holistic teaching model that equips scholars with the tools they need to flourish in and beyond the classroom, paving the way for long-lasting success. For more information, visit

About Accelerate: Accelerate is a nonprofit organization, incubated and launched by the national nonprofit America Achieves, that seeks to embed high-impact tutoring programs into public schools now and for the long term. Launched in April 2022 with an initial fund of $65 million, Accelerate funds and supports innovation in schools, launches high-quality research, and advances a federal and state policy agenda to support this work.

Accelerate is leading efforts to improve practice on multiple fronts, including as a lead technical assistance partner to the National Partnership for Student Success (NPSS). The NPSS is a joint partnership of more than 100 organizations, The Department of Education, AmeriCorps, the Johns Hopkins Everyone Graduates Center to launch a new coalition formed to expand high-quality tutoring, mentoring, and other evidence-based support programs, with the goal of ensuring an additional 250,000 adults serve in these roles over the next three years. 

Accelerate is supported by Citadel founder and CEO Kenneth C. Griffin; Arnold Ventures; the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; the Overdeck Family Foundation; and the Walton Family Foundation.

For more information, visit

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