The K-12 landscape is rapidly evolving, with no signs of slowing down. Today’s districts need to be sure they can keep up with new student data and privacy demands, modern teaching tools transforming the classroom, and increased staff support needs as schools head towards a technology-driven future. Explore the latest resources below, where you can find high-quality edtech innovations that keep your staff and students’ safety, engagement, and retention at the forefront to enhance the learning experience for everyone — no matter where or how instruction takes place.

How to Tackle K-12 IT Workforce Shortages with Technology Services

By leveraging technology services and/or partnering with experienced managed service providers, you can help mitigate challenges, reduce burnout, and improve retention.

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Video: Current Challenges and Trends in K-12 Education

Listen to this explorative conversation with education market experts from Absolute Software and Lenovo as they discus various challenges and trends that K-12 institutions are facing.

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Designed for Education…Unlock the power of creativity and collaboration

UDT can help you integrate technology in your classrooms with Microsoft Windows 11 SE, a new edition of Windows designed for education. Windows 11 SE offers simplified design and modern management tools that are optimized for low-cost devices in educational settings.

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Key strategies to fund & grow your digital resource collection

See how you can use COVID-19 relief funding options to help expand your ebook and audiobook collection – even on a tight budget.

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Are you connected for digital classroom success?

The 21st century classroom requires reliable, high performance, and secure Wi-Fi to support the wide variety of teaching methods and personalized instruction- including STEAM and 1:1 learning – that teachers provide every day.

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Student data privacy regulations

For cyber thieves, students’ personally identifiable information (PII) can be lucrative. Not only is it relatively easy to open fraudulent accounts in a student’s name, but it can also go undetected for months or years. In order to mount a compliant, multi-layered approach to student data protection, school and IT leaders need to understand these four student data privacy regulations.

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