Common Issues that Cause a Clogged Toilet

Common Issues that Cause a Clogged Toilet

For a homeowner, there are many plumbing issues that will pop up from time to time and perhaps one of the most common one is a clogged toilet. Fortunately, in many situations, this problem can be avoided. When the problem does arise, in many cases, it can be rectified without calling a professional plumber. However, there are those times where a professional plumbing service will be necessary. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Reducing the Usage of Flushable Materials

Reducing the amount of flushable materials put into a toilet at one time can prevent it from becoming clogged. Perhaps cautioning users to use less toilet paper may make all the difference in these situations.

Avoid Putting Non-Flushable Materials in a Toilet

In some situations, it has everything to do with non-flushable items being flushed down the toilet. Dental floss, Q-tips, cotton swabs and even baby wipes can can cause the trap of a toilet to become clogged. In these cases using a plunger is typically enough to clear these clogs from the trap. If non-flushable items, such as small toys are flushed, which is common when a homeowner has small children in the home, it may require the services of a professional plumber to clear the trap.

Older Toilet Bowls

In some cases, with first-generation low-flow toilets, the pressure isn’t quite enough to effectively move items through the trap. By reducing the amount of flushable materials, a homeowner can save themselves a great deal of hassle. However, if the problem occurs quite frequently, even when reducing the materials that are routinely flushed, it may be beneficial to upgrade the toilet to something that has a bit more pressure.

Venting Blockages

Many modern-day toilets use outside vents to introduce fresh air into the plumbing system and to improve flushing pressure. If the toilet relies on these types of vents it’s possible for the vent to become clogged, removing the debris that is covering the outside vent can help restore proper flushing pressure.

For extensive drain cleaning or for the replacement of the toilet, a professional service may need to be called. However, in many cases, a toilet that has become clogged can be cleared out with the use of a household plunger without too much hassle.

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